The Go-to for Gardening

Throughout our sprawling nursery, you'll find an array of plants the likes of which you may have never seen. For the experienced gardener, it's like a giant playground. For the novice, it may be hard to find a place to start. Lucky for you, we know a lot about it and we love to chat. At Bedford, our goal is to grow everyone's passion for gardening.




Greenhouses are who we are, so much so that they are in our name. Think of a greenhouse as a tiny bubble where we control the temperature and the water for our homegrown beauties. Then, mother nature does the rest. Every season, our greenhouses are filled with all kinds of flowers. We start with Ageratum and end with Zinnia (with a hundred more types in between.) Something is always fresh and growing inside our tiny little bubble worlds. Come out and see for yourself. We would love to show you around!