Get your hands dirty.

If you ask us, there's no better way to relax, commune with nature, and just flat out make the world a more beautiful place than gardening. We're here to help everyone, from the novice to the master, experience the joy of our favorite pass time. For us, gardening is a year-round sport.



From flowering plants to shrubs, trees and ground cover, there's no one in town with the selection or quality we have growing around the yard. Ask us anything - we'll help you navigate the gardening landscape.



Bring the outside in. Our unique, curated selections of indoor plants, vessels and ideas can make your home feel alive and friendly. Also, we have a terrarium bar. You gotta see it.



We're fans of all seasons (with the possible exception of winter), but what we really love are the transitions. We turn over everything when the seasons change, bringing in plants built for the weather.


We've been growing since the '40s.


Through the seasons, we've remained firmly rooted in our unique, tucked away spot in the Bedford Heights neighborhood along side Lake Olmstead. If we didn't hate clichés, we'd say we're a "best kept secret," primarily because our hidden away (and incredibly cool) location is notoriously hard to find (we are here).