The Go-to for Gardening

Throughout our sprawling nursery, you'll find an array of plants the likes of which you may have never seen. For the experienced gardener, it's like a giant playground. For the novice, it may be hard to find a place to start. Lucky for you, we know a lot about it and we love to chat. At Bedford, our goal is to grow everyone's passion for gardening.




Greenhouses are who we are, so much so that they are in our name. Think of a greenhouse as a tiny bubble where we control the temperature and the water for our homegrown beauties. Then, mother nature does the rest. Every season, our greenhouses are filled with all kinds of flowers. We start with Ageratum and end with Zinnia (with a hundred more types in between.) Something is always fresh and growing inside our tiny little bubble worlds. Come out and see for yourself. We would love to show you around!

Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are the bones of any garden. There's no better way to give your landscape definition and personality. If you have shade, we can help you select from a variety of trees and shrubs that will thrive. Camellias and hydrangea are just two of our favorites. If full sun describes your garden, then we have an even greater selection. Whether you prefer the simplicity of an evergreen boxwood hedge or a more ornamental style of roses, gardenias or flowering cherry trees, we have you covered. Our selections change with each season and are always hand selected for our area and climate. Come see yourself. We're here to help.



Flowers make us happy. Color makes us happy. If you've seen the color, we have it in a flower. Our selection is tremendous and changes constantly. We have flowers that will give your garden color for a season (annuals), or, if you prefer, flowers that come back year after year (perennials.) Not to mention those wonderful plants that don’t flower but have extraordinary foliage color and shape. We have those, too. Flowers for the 'em. And yes, we grow flowers that thrive in our hot summers as well. We take great care in selecting flowers for our area. Our flowers are homegrown in our greenhouses and are nurtured by us. There is always something in bloom at Bedford.

Herbs, Vegetables, & Fruit

We can’t think of a better place to begin in the garden than with something good and fresh to eat. You can start small with a pot of herbs or a bed of lettuces and greens. Or, go big with apple and peach trees. Somewhere in the middle is one of our favorites, blueberries. We grow a wide range of herbs for all seasons and you can’t beat our wonderful homegrown summer vegetables. You'll find more than 30 varieties of tomatoes and peppers alone. And, don’t forget to eat your brussel sprouts, which, as you probably guessed, we also carry.


Outdoor Containers

Our containers are not your average flower pots. We can’t think of a better way to showcase our homegrown beauties than in one of our fantastic containers. From the simple elegance of terracotta to the bold and electric cobalt blue, our containers are sure to inspire. Our containers range in color from the classic blacks and white to the current color trends of today. We order often and are always seeking the latest styles, colors, and materials. Stop by and let us help you pick out a new home for some of your favorite plants.