Build a Green House

We're big on the outdoors, but there is one thing we like about being inside: consistency. The stable temperatures combined with control of light and water gives us some pretty unique opportunities to work with more delicate (and, in some cases, far heartier) species and styles of plants.



Perfect Pottery


We don't know a better way to show off your new favorite plant than in one of our wonderful containers. Think of our pottery as pairing the perfect pair of shoes with your favorite dress. They just go together. Not all plants are alike and neither is our pottery. We are happy to help you find the perfect match. From classic whites to eclectic silvers and golds, we have a huge selection. Your indoor exotics should be a compliment to your style and personality and our pottery collection will make that happen. Stop by and see for yourself.

Terrarium Bar

When you say bar, we think terrariums. Our terrarium bar is quickly becoming a Bedford favorite. The bar is the perfect place to sit down and craft your personalized terrarium or potted arrangement. The best part: we have all the ingredients you will ever need to make your terrarium unique. If you are too overwhelmed by all the goodness, don’t worry, we'll be happy to hold your hand or do it for you. Terrariums are perfect in any space: home, office, even dorm rooms. These great little micro-environments always amaze and inspire. Drop by and belly up to our terrarium bar.

Air Plants & Succulents

Two big trends in indoor gardening are airplants and succulents. Airplants (or tillandsia’s if you want to sound way smart) are fantastic little plant creatures that naturally live outdoors in trees. These botanicals cling to the tree branches and absorb water and nutrients from the air and we have collected a colorful assortment of these easy to care for plants. Just mist or soak them weekly in water and watch them thrive. Just as popular, succulents are wonderfully textured and colorful plants that thrive in dry, desert-like conditions. Used alone or as a mass grouping, there is no wrong way to showcase these little wonders.


Exotic is our fancy, more exciting way of saying houseplants. Talk about bringing some green and color and life into your home. We have way too many varieties to list here. You can start simple with ivy or pothos (don’t fret, we will show you what that is), or take a step towards the more challenging with orchids. Tropical ferns - we have them. All types and sizes. These happen to be some of our favs. Whatever the space, we will guide you in making the best choice. Low light, high light, dry or wet, we have the answer. Our exotics are refreshed every week or two so they're always changing. Come in and check out our great selection in the iconic "blue" house.


Accessories are all those great goodies we offer that don’t fit into any other category. Our styles are always current and will fit with any home trend. Glass vases, aluminum and pewter bowls and serving trays are just a few of the trinkets we stock. We can’t forget to mention our fairy and miniature garden accessories. These are a great way to introduce the little ones in your life to the wonderful world of plants and the outdoors.